RTE Today Show – Parental self care

(8th Jan 2019)

Day 8 of #31daysofparentalselfcare ~ Here on @RTEToday show I talked about the little self-care gestures parents can do to replenish themselves for the tough task of parenting. Also how it's good for kids to see you meeting your needs, and how it helps you to respond to their needs in a calmer way

RTE Today Show - Self care

Posted by Dr. Malie Coyne on Tuesday, January 8, 2019

RTE Today Show – Infant mental health

(15th Oct 2018)

Babies are hardwired to develop a social connection with their primary caregiver, usually their mum or their dad. Without this relationship they would not survive. It is within the sacred crucible of the most important first relationship, the parent-infant bond, that our sense of self and the world develops.

Positive infant mental health is synonymous with a child’s ability to form secure relationships, to regulate their emotions, to explore their environment and to learn and develop cognitive capacities across the lifespan.

The quality of the child-parent attachment bond is the foundation for a child’s emotional regulation, which will provide them with a "psychological immune system" for dealing with stressful situations in the future and promote emotional wellbeing and future resilience.

Research points to a critical window of opportunity that exists in the first three years of life, where the brain develops as much as 90% of its wiring, which is impacted significantly by the baby's experience of everyday interactions with their caregiver.

Originally derived from Unicef and the W.H.O. Baby Friendly Initiative, Galway Parent Network alongside the Galway City Early Years Committee, created 4 posters containing simple evidence-based messages positively framed to emphasise human's innate abilities to look after their babies, to promote the child-parent attachment and to dispel common parenting myths. Our aim was to show how everyday parenting moments provide us with precious opportunities to build connection and strengthen our children's resilience.



For copies of the posters see:

For my RTE Brainstorm piece on "How to Build a Happy Baby" see:


RTE Today Show - Infant mental health

Posted by Dr. Malie Coyne on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

RTE ‘Stressed’ documentary

(23rd May 2018)

'The insatiable need to succeed may come from a painful place in our childhoods, which can result in us having real difficulty in nurturing ourselves, as we may not have experienced a consistent model of soothing from a parent as we were growing up.

If a person hasn't been soothed adequately as a child, then it’s very difficult to know how to instinctively self-soothe in adulthood. This can lead to them ignoring stress alerts and not seeking much needed help and social support'.

I was delighted to feature in this two part 'Stressed' documentary from Firebrand Productions and also to be the Psychology Consultant for this production.

Here is a clip from Part 1 of the documentary which aired on RTE1 in May 2017.

Unseen clips from RTE ‘Stressed’ documentary

(23rd May 2018)

Unseen clips from RTE 'Stressed' documentary

What is compassion focused therapy?

What is cognitive behavioural therapy?

Building resilience in children

Vogue Williams ‘My Anxious Life’

(13th Oct 2017)

My appearance on the Vogue Williams documentary 'My Anxious Life' which aired on RTE.

I was also the Psychology Consultant for this episode.


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